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Michela Balconi

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Salvatore Campanella

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The Neuropsychological Trends publishes original contributions to scientific knowledge in neuropsychology and neuroscience, and it provides an interdisciplinary forum on new trends on neuropsychology and psychophysiology. There is a growing dissatisfaction with fragmentation in theoretical perspectives on neuropsychology and without doubt there is a felt need for a journal containing articles which aim to integrate these fragmented ideas, theories and methods. We place particular emphasis on the fact that informed discussion of neuropsychology needs to be interdisciplinary.

The journal aims to introduce new ideas on the field of biological bases of behaviour and of the neurological perspectives applied to psychological processes. Specifically it intends to offer an ample space for innovative research methodologies and new theoretical views on the neuropsychological discipline. Methodological discussion will constitute a main topic of the journal. Specific attention will be given to the development of new theories and/or research methodologies applicable to group and single-case studies.

The journal is interested in basic and applied research and aims at opening up new avenues for the understanding, explaining, and treatment of neuropsychological issues. Specifically, Neuropsychological Trends will consider articles from any area of neuropsychological and neuroscience research, including, but not limited to: cognitive neuropsychology, clinical neuropsychology, neurophysiology, psychophysiology, and research techniques (fMRI; ERPs, PET). The main topics proposed are:
—  sensation and perception consciousness
—  learning and memory
—  communication and language
—  motivation and emotion
—  methodology of research (electroencephalography; brain imaging; behavioural measures)

22 - November 2017

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pdf Maristella Scorza - Erika Benassi - Claudia Daria Boni - Chiara Pinotti - Giacomo Stella Declarative learning of new real-words in primary and secondary school children: evidence of consolidation over time
Paolo Stievano - Matteo Ciancaleoni - Giovanni ValeriItalian executive functions battery for preschoolers (BAFE): working memory, inhibition, set-shifting
pdf Rachel K. Peterson - Chad A. Noggle - Jon C. Thompson - Mark T. Barisa - Alyssa MaulucciDifferential patterns of performance on the DKEFS in the presence of pediatric mood disturbances
pdf Sergio Melogno - Maria A. Pinto - Gloria Di Filippoi
Monitoring developmental trajectories in novel metaphor comprehension in children with ASD: a case study

Alice Cancer - Alessandro Antoniettii Remedial interventions for developmental dyslexia: how neuropsychological evidence can inspire and support a rehabilitation training
pdf Sherry Nickerson - Patricia Abduragimova - John-Christopher Finley - Kayla Long - Fredrick ParenteSubjective organization of overlapping word lists after traumatic brain injury
Maria E. Vanutelli - Irene Venturella - Laura Angioletti - Michela Balconi Mirroring the emotions of others by autonomic system: intra-species effect in children