29 - April 2021

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pdf Kseniya R. Grishchenko - Maria S. Kovyazina - Nikita A. Khokhlov The characteristics of language development and executive functioning in pre-schoolers (neuropsychological aspect)
pdf Sergio Melogno - Maria Antonietta Pinto - Teresa Gloria Scalisi - Andrea Ruzza How to train a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder to write persuasive texts. A case study during the lockdown caused by Covid-19
pdf Michela Balconi - Laura Angioletti Interoception as a social alarm amplification system. What multimethod (EEG-fNIRS) integrated measures can tell us about interoception and empathy for pain?
pdf Maria Cristina Saetti - Teresa Difonzo - Martina Andrea Sirtori - Luca Negri - Stefano Zago - Cecilia Rassiga The Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task (PASAT): normative data for the Italian population
pdf Michela Balconi - Laura Angioletti Unravelling competitorsí brain-and-body correlates. The two-persons social neuroscience approach to study competition