31 - April 2022

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pdf Sokichi Sakuragi Influences of excessive smartphone use on subjective symptoms, mood, and autonomic nervous reactivity
pdf Davide Crivelli - Laura Angioletti Impact of COVID-19 pandemics on advanced neuroscientific R&D activities: a focus on job age
pdf Abhinanda Sar - Jaspreet Kaur - Manoj Kumar Jindal - Kauleshwar Prasad Impact based on quarantine psychology: analysis of left and right brain hemispheres

pdf Federico Cassioli - Michela Balconi An electrophysiological study applied to remote learning: preliminary results from an hyperscanning paradigm
h ttp://dx.doi.org/10.7358/neur-2022-031-cass

pdf Laura Angioletti Manipulating interoception for intervention purposes: some applications in the clinical, social and sports field
h ttp://dx.doi.org/10.7358/neur-2022-031-angi