6 - November 2009

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pdf Cristina Staub - Kurt Tschopp Effects on neuropsychological performance and sleep quality in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

doi: 10.7358/neur-2009-006-stau
  ABSTRACT     FULL TEXT - 9,50 


pdf Mandy Rossignol - Raymond Bruyer - Pierre Philippot - Salvatore Campanella Categorical Perception of emotional faces is not affected by aging
doi: 10.7358/neur-2009-006-ross
  ABSTRACT     FULL TEXT - 9,50 


pdf Enrico Nicoḷ - Maria Carla Massimetti - Alessandro Stefanini - Pietro San Martini - Sabina RoncacciRieti's elderly people project: Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test Recognition norms
doi: 10.7358/neur-2009-006-nico
  ABSTRACT     FULL TEXT - 9,20 


pdf Davide Crivelli - Michela Balconi Trends in social neuroscience: from biological motion to joint actions
doi: 10.7358/neur-2009-006-criv