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«Transit: Translation, Mediation, Communication» is an on-line journal which aims to promote and disseminate theoretical, descriptive and applied studies in all areas of translation and interpreting in an interdisciplinary perspective. Within the dynamics of international communication today translation is recognised as not only reflecting but also directing transcultural contacts and exchanges. And, as the importance of translation becomes ever more apparent so interest in the field grows. Never before has so much been translated by and for so many, be it of a literary, cultural, scientific, economic or technological nature. Translation is the most widespread means by which ideas, styles and genres transit from one language and culture to another and is thus a powerful component in the construction of languages and cultures. The implication of translation and interpretation in all semiotic forms of cross-cultural communication (from the written to the oral, from the visual to the multimedial) highlights the pervasiveness of mediated discourse in our globalising world and presents a scenario in which we all live in "translated" worlds.

The awareness among translation scholars of the centrality of translation in the world arena has led to traditional views being challenged and new paradigms proposed. As a consequence research into the nature of translating and interpreting has evolved in both depth and detail to reflect the increasingly heterogeneous and multifaceted nature of mediated discourse. The discipline of translation studies today encompasses a plurality of voices, approaches and perspectives, and the very concept of translation has expanded to include a range of factors and processes once considered as lying on the periphery of what was considered "translation proper". These trends and developments can best be addressed within the umbrella term of "multidisciplinary translation studies" and we invite articles from translation scholars and those working within such neighbouring disciplines as linguistics, semiotics, literary, cultural and media studies interested in fostering an inclusive and multidisciplinary configuration of translation. Contributions must have a clearly translational focus and aim to stimulate dialogue on the complex variety of forms and domains of translation as mediated discourse in relation to its theoretical, descriptive and applied branches.


The aim of the on-line journal is to allow readers to copy the contributions and freely distribute them upon due acknowledgement. Citation or reproduction of any part of the material published in «Transit: Translation, Mediation, Communication» will have to indicate the author's name and specific source. Authors are therefore advised that submission of articles for publication entails a tacit acceptance of these conditions and permission for their articles to be reproduced. The rights for the articles will, however, remain with the authors themselves.

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