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«IrcCAN International Research Center for Cognitive Applied Neuroscience» is devoted to the publication of high-quality papers and books of interest to the broad community of social and applied neuroscience. The journal has threefold purposes: a) encourage debate on the actual trend topics of applied neuroscience for organizations; b) be home for research of new and innovative field of neuromanagement; c) introduce methodology discussion for applications of neuroscientific tools to organizations.

«IrcCAN International Research Center for Cognitive Applied Neuroscience» promotes the exchange of ideas, concepts and findings in any area of applied neuroscience to organizations and management. As an on-line journal, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to present information to specialists and the public by young researchers. Finally it focalizes the specific research methodology of neuroimaging, electrophysiology, and brain stimulation techniques applied to the management field. The journal is interdisciplinary and aims to integrate the neurosciences, economic disciplines, management and organization domains.

It publishes papers in different forms: research paper; theoretical, methodological and review paper; opinion; brief communication. Also, special issue on core topics may be proposed to the Editors.