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Valentina Varinelli

A Study of P.B. Shelley’s Writings in Italian
with an Annotated Edition

ISBN 978-88-7916-994-3 - 15,5 x 22 cm - 2022 - pp. 280
Copie a stampa disponibili dal 19 Novembre

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P.B. Shelley’s writings in Italian include translations and self-translations, original poetry and prose, and private letters, which can all be dated to the time of the poet’s Italian exile, ending with his tragic death two hundred years ago. These writings are the product of a sustained engagement with Italian language and literature which was central to Shelley’s experience of Italy, yet they have long been dismissed as a biographical curiosity, receiving limited scholarly attention. This book aims to redress this neglect. It establishes the significance of Shelley’s Italian endeavours for the maturing of his poetics and his theories of language and translation and it reveals the revolutionary aim behind them, showing that the poet took advantage of contemporary Italian literary disputes to promote his political ideals abroad and forward the cause of Italy’s independence. Theoretically- informed analysis and close reading are combined with detailed contextualisation, including the reconstruction of Shelley’s language learning practice in England and his reaction to the peculiar sociolinguistic situation he found on his arrival in Italy. This study firmly places Shelley within the rich literary tradition of foreign writers in Italian, contributing to the lively field of research on Romantic cosmopolitanism and adding an important chapter to the history of Anglo-Italian cultural relations. Complementing the study is a new edition of Shelley’s writings in Italian based on a fresh examination of the original manuscripts, which will prove a valuable resource for students of the poet and scholars of Italian studies and translation studies alike.

Valentina Varinelli completed her AHRC-funded PhD in English Literature at Newcastle University, UK, and currently teaches at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Brescia, Italy. Her research interests include Romantic poetry, Anglo-Italian literary relations, travel writing, manuscript studies, and bibliography. She is assistant editor of the Meridiani Mondadori editions of P.B. Shelley’s works (2018) and has published articles and essays on P.B. Shelley, Mary Shelley, and their circle.

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Lingue e Culture - Languages and Cultures - Langues et Cultures - ISSN 2234-9235

Collana diretta da Giovanni Gobber e Marisa Verna
Comitato scientifico: Thomas Austenfeld - Susan Conrad - Manuel Alvar Ezquerra - Françoise Gaillard - Roman Govorucho - Augusto Guarino - Juliane House - Georgy Akhillovich Levinton - Anthony Mollica - Michael Rossington - Nikola Roßbach - José Carlos Rovira Soler - William Sharpe - Thomas Travisano - Bart Van Den Bossche - Jakob Wüest