30 - November 2021

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pdf Yvonne Flores-Medina - Adriana Sosa-Millán Alejandra Mondragón-Mayai Processing speed and clinical features of schizophrenia: comparison between men and women
pdf Oleg S. Ivanov - Sergey V. Chermyanin - Veronika E. Kapitanaki Sergey V. Pilkevitch - Timur R. Sabirov Approach to verification of psychometric test results by integrating the methods of tempometry and video-oculography
pdf Lubaina Jetaji - Bhoopendra Patel - Manoj Choudhary - Amit Tak Kapil Gupta - Jitendra Gupta - Kavita Yadav - Amitabh Dube Power spectral densities of electroencephalographic theta and alpha frequency waves during information processing of language comprehension

pdf Giulia Fronda Mirroring and brain connectivity of gesture observation
h ttp://dx.doi.org/10.7358/neur-2021-30-fron