Open Journal Systems Help


The Author proofreads the galleys for the submission, which are the versions in HTML, PDF and/or Postscript that will appear in the online edition of the journal. To view these files, the Author clicks on each of the Proof Formats (and not the file names) to see the submission in each of the formats in which it will be published. In the Proofreading stage, only typographical and formatting corrections are made, and can only be made by the Layout Editor.

Obviously, if more than one file format is used, the Author only checks one for spelling errors but all of them for possible formatting problems. The Author should follow the Proofreading Instructions when recording the corrections in the Corrections text-box. The Author should also review any Supplementary Files that are to accompany the published submission. These files are presented in their original format, and thus can be modified and uploaded again, as well as having their titles altered using the Edit function. Any changes made to these files should be noted in the Corrections text-box.