Open Journal Systems Help


Open Journal Systems is an open source application that can be freely downloaded and installed on nearly any desktop or server computer.


OJS is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. A copy of the license terms for redistributing OJS code in original or modified form is included with the OJS download.

System Requirements

A server environment meeting the following requirements is recommended:

OJS has currently only been tested on MySQL and PostgreSQL, although other database management systems supported by ADOdb may work (in full or partially). Compatibility reports and/or code patches for alternative DBMSs are welcome.


OJS can be downloaded from the Public Knowledge Project web site.


OJS comes with a web-based installation script that guides the system administrator through the installation process. Alternately, a command-line installation tool is available.

  1. Download the OJS archive.
  2. Decompress the OJS archive on your web server and place it in the desired location in your web documents tree:
    $ tar -zxf ojs-2.*.tar.gz
    $ mv ojs-* /var/www/myjournal
  3. Make the following files and directories writable (i.e., using chown or chmod):
    - (optional)
    - public
    - cache
    - cache/t_cache
    - cache/t_config
    - cache/t_compile
    - cache/_db
  4. Open a web browser to the location of your OJS installation (e.g., and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install. See docs/README for more information on the installation process.