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Actors of financialization in the German housing system

Marco Copercini


It has been shown that the German housing market, instead of not being financialized, has followed a different trajectory that has led to the current phase of financialization, characterized by the booming housing market (especially in the main urban areas) and the recent entrance in the market of private investors. This literature review shows that, while most of the studies available so far focus on specific cities, companies or practices (such as the acquisition of public housing stocks), a comprehensive analysis of the major private investor typology (listed real estate companies), their investment strategies and their effects is missing.


financialization; housing market; private investors; real estate; urban transformation; finanziarizzazione; mercato immobiliare; investitori privati; beni immobili; trasformazioni urbanistiche

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/gn-2019-001-cope


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Geography Notebooks / Quaderni di Geografia / Cahiers de Géographie / Cuadernos de Geografía
Registered by Tribunale di Milano (06.12.2017 - n. 342) 
Online ISSN 2611-7207 - Print ISSN 2611-7193

Editor in Chief: Dino Gavinelli
Editorial Board: Maristella Bergaglio - Valerio Bini - Alice Giulia Dal Borgo - Giuseppe Gambazza - Flavio Lucchesi - Eleonora Mastropietro - Giacomo Zanolin
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