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Camminare per ascoltare. Partiture invisibili del territorio abitato

Elisabetta Senesi


The paper is focused on some experiences of collective soundwalks achieved by Elisabetta Senesi within her conscious Sonic Arts research (MA Dissertation 2010). Walks are mostly performed in silence at different times and unpredictable urban paths for participants. This practice, not always performed following the tradition of Acoustic Ecology, has become particularly important in recent years, and often carried by artistic fields related to the creation of environmental compositions, both generative and interactive. In this context, Senesi uses her listening walks as case studies to open up multiple perspectives of space and critical listening, as well as its auditive aesthetics to reflect upon author’s soundwalking strategies with feedback from participant’s experiences from the last six years.


walking; public space; critical listening; experimental theatre.

Full Text:



Schafer, R. M., Traux B., Bloomfield H., Peter H., Davis B., Westerkamp H., The Book of Noise, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 1968

Kotz, L., Max Neuhaus: Sound into Space, 2009

Kelly C., Sound, MIT Press, Cambridge, 2012

Caccuri, V., Silent Walk, Sound Development City, Zurich, 2015

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/gn-2021-001-sene


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