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Le virtù «cardinali» del “revenue manager”. Spunti di riflessione sulla misurazione della performance aziendale

Marcantonio Ruisi, Gianni Di Fede, Vincenzo Fasone


This paper aims to better understand the behaviour of revenue manager in terms of virtuosity. Virtuous behaviours, i.e. those acts aimed at the «good» in its various aspects, qualifying the ethical conduct of people in general and, so far as relevant, in particular that of managers. The latter also influence the fulfilment of corporate purposes. Acting in the right way, i.e. virtuously, requires knowledge of the functions, and consequently of the different tasks belonging to a specific role. It requires also the attainment of objectives assigned, verifying the intrinsic goodness and that of the means available. Furthermore, a good manager should not leave out the circumstances in which the entrepreneurial action takes place. In light of the above, these findings illustrate certain ideal and desirable behaviours of a revenue manager, in terms of prudence, justice, fortress and temperance. Empirical evidences have been considered in order to find out which problems and difficulties arise in regards to the theoretical proposition presented. The considerations proposed and the practical evidences underlined the importance of rethinking and reinterpreting the processes of performance measurement based on a pervasive ethical of virtues to support a sustainable development of the lodging industry in the medium long term.

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