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Special Issue: 2017: Relations 5:(1-2) special thematic focus announced

Food: Shared Life

In the era of consumerism and globalisation, reducing the distance between “our food” (consumption) and “its origins” (production) is of paramount importance to understand the moral values related to food. This process, in fact, is at the very base of any ethics of food, and suggests a move from the “private moral concern” - connected to a sort of egoism of consumption - to a social morality. Especially, speaking about food coming from animals, to reduce the distance between production and consumption promotes a new comprehension of humans’ power over other living beings and can be an important starting point to build a new conceptualization of human-animal relations. At the same time it unveils the deep interconnections between animal and human exploitation (as described more than 100 years ago by Upton Sinclair in his book The Jungle, 1906). Relations’ double issue on food ethics will explore these topics from a multidisciplinary approach, with particular attention to four sensitive issues: the challenges of food production; the socio-political value of food; the philosophical/theological approach to the act of eating; and the economic and legal approach to the act of eating.

P. Fossati
A. Massaro