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Call for Papers: Vol. 12 (2024) – No 2 - New Research and Teaching Perspectives on Environmental Ethics

Deadline for paper submission: October  15th, 2024  
Posted: 2024-05-29 More...

Call for Papers: Vol. 12 (2024) – No 1-2; Vol. 13 (2025) – No 1-2


Granted that submissions not related to calls will also be considered, for the next four issues of Relations, to be published in 2024 and 2025, the following three calls for papers are active:
- Rationalism, Sentientism, Biocentrism, Ecocentrism: What is the Most Appropriate Environmental Ethics for Those Who Take a Non-anthropocentric Perspective?
- Peter Singer’s Animal Ethics and Its Critics
- Reflections and Considerations on Martha C. Nussbaum’s Approach to Animal Ethics, Starting from Her Recent “Justice for Animals” (2023).

Posted: 2024-01-31 More...
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