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Call for Papers: Vol. 10 (2022) – No 2


– What Moral Status for Non-Human Animals? 
– Animal Experimentation in the Light of Beauchamp and DeGrazia’s Principles
– The Animal Ethics of Christine M. Korsgaard and Shelly Kagan

Deadline for paper submission: September 15, 2022
Notification of acceptance, conditional acceptance, or rejection: October 31, 2022
Deadline for the submission of the final draft: November 30, 2022

Posted: 2021-10-04 More...

Next Issue: Relations Vol. 10 (2022) – No 1 - Animal Ethics, Ethology, and Food Ethics



Studies and Research Contributions: 
Korsgaard’s Duties towards Animals: Two Difficulties, N. Müller - Ethology of the Freed Animal: Concept, Paradigm and Implementations to the Moral Status of Non-Human Animals, M. Celentano, D. Martinelli - Il dilemma etico dei pet: tra bestie, animali e persone, M. Andreozzi - Being There: If the Pairing of the Birdwatchers Affects the Pairing of the Birds, E.W. Uskoković, T.W. Uskoković, V. Uskoković

Comments, Debates, Reports and Interviews: 
Vegetarianism and Veganism from a Moral Point of View, F. Allegri

Posted: 2022-06-20
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