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International Journal of Transmedia Literacy (IJTL)

The International Journal of Transmedia Literacyis a scientific international publication devoted to critical works on new narratives, social intercreativity, new forms of engagement, informal learning and cross-media education.
The Journal seeks to describe, analyze, reflect and discuss the concept of transmedia as a process of emerging literacy, taking into consideration the epistemological sphere of participation, production, and transmission of knowledge and culture, the crisis of authorship, the new dimension of participation and relationship offered by the Web, the liquid structures of narrative spaces and the intercreativity favored by network narratives and collaborative digital environments.

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IJTL Issue 2: Transmedia Skills


NEW DEADLINE. Submission open. Click here to submit your paper.

The International Journal of Transmedia Literacy (IJTL) announces a call for papers for the second issue, dedicated to the topic “Transmedia Skills. Education and Learning in the Age of Emerging Competencies”, edited by Dianora Bardi, Matteo Ciastellardi, and Giovanna Di Rosario.

Nowadays, the use of collaborative media engages people in a continuous process of learning and exchange, favouring the emergence of new skills and competencies that no longer belong only to the traditional assets of literacy, such as schools and families. 

Every generation develops blended competences under the influence of new tools and communication frameworks. On the one hand, most people have started to define their own social life-streams using the Internet, social networks, and personal (wearable) devices in different environments: at school, at work, at home, for leisure and spare time. On the other hand, technologies and digital-based learning represent just one side of the education process. The comfort that (the uses of) technologies offer often creates a false sense of successful education if technologies are not adopted in a transversal way to properly support learning activities and the growth of transdisciplinary competencies.

In this issue of the IJTL we invite submissions that focus on how education, in both formal and informal learning environments, can rethink, reconsider, and reinvent technologies, social practices, traditional environments and collaborative media, in order to offer transversal learning strategies favouring emerging competences and transmedia skills.

On the one hand, we are interested in understanding how the acquisition of the so-called basic skills and competences can be attained using transmedia practices and how it impacts on the paradigm structure of the education system. On the other hand, we would like to explore and investigate how (young) people grapple with transmedia practices in formal and informal learning environments and to specifically identify informal learning strategies and practices they use outside school.

Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts that:

Foster theoretical knowledge of new learning settings and transmedia skills;

  • Present empirical findings on the use of transmedia in education;
  • Explore and discuss ongoing research and/or innovative case studies on transmedia and education;
  • Present designs, productions, models or frameworks in relation to transmedia skills, emerging competences, and education;
  • Analyse the role of teachers and other workers in different learning settings.

Possible topics to consider, in relation to education and transmedia skills, include (but are not limited to):

  • Critical aspects of technological, conceptual, and institutional elements currently at play in education for the acquisition of (transmedia) skills;
  • Defining and redefining transmedia competences in education;
  • How transmedia competences could/do benefit/boost formal learning processes;
  • Production and design of new learning processes, methods, and frameworks;
  • How teachers and students have responded to the opportunities of non-linear delivery, multimodal (learning) tools, and participatory culture made possible by the digital environment;
  • How teens are consuming, producing, sharing, and learning in digital and blended environments;
  • What role social networks and collaborative media have in learning processes;
  • Gaming and ludic aspects of education processes;
  • Development and use of apps for teaching practices.

Practical matters


Contributions are encouraged from authors with different areas of expertise and interest in transmedia literacy and culture and in education.

Full articles are due on December 15, 2016  December 31,  2018 (NEW DEADLINE), 3,000 – 6,000 words.

Articles should comply with the journal’s author guidelines.

Submissions should be sent online via the Open Journal System at http://www.ledonline.it/index.php/transmedialiteracy

For further information or questions about the issue, please contact the co-editors: Dianora Bardi (Impara Digitale), Matteo Ciastellardi (Politecnico di Milano), Giovanna Di Rosario (Université Catholique de Louvain) at info@transmedialiteracy.net.

New deadline open. Click here to submit your paper.

Posted: 2018-01-15
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