Open Journal Systems Help


Once the Copyeditor completes the "clean" copy in Step 3 of Copyediting, that version of the submission goes to the Layout stage. The Section Editor, on receiving notification of the completion of the copyediting, needs to then select a Layout Editor, if that has not already been done, and request that the Layout Editor begin work, by using the email icon under Request Layout. The Layout Editor will prepare galleys for the submission in each of the journal's publishing formats (e.g., HTML, PDF, PS, etc.). The Supplementary Files, which remain in the original file format in which they were submitted, will be reviewed by the Layout Editor and Proofreader to ensure that basic formatting is in place, and that the files conform as well as possible to journal standards. When the Layout Editor has completed the initial production of the galleys, which are the files that will be published online, the Layout Editor will email the Section Editor.

Note that the Editor can schedule a submission for publication at any point in the editing process; this information will be made available to Layout Editors and Proofreaders and will give them the ability to preview the issue before publication.