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The Section Editor, on being notified by the Layout Editor on completion of the galleys, selects the Proofreader, if that has not already been done. The Section Editor then sends the Request email to the Author to begin the Proofreading process. The Author, upon completing a review of the galleys and Supplementary Files, if any, sends a completion email to the Proofreader, with a CC. to the Section Editor. Any typos or formatting errors are noted by the Author and Proofreader in the Corrections text-box in Proofreading because the Authors and Proofreaders cannot mark up the galleys. The Proofreader, on completing the review of the galleys and Supplementary Files, if any, notifies the Layout Editor, with a cc to the Section Editor, and the Layout Editor proceeds to correct the galleys and Supplementary Files, if any. Finally, The Layout Editor notifies the Section Editor that the submission is ready to be scheduled for publication. At that point, the Section Editor may again wish to review the files, and if satisfied, schedule the submission for publication by choosing an issue under Scheduling, and pressing "Record". The submission then enters the Publishing Process.

Note that the Editor can schedule a submission for publication at any point in the editing process; this information will be made available to Layout Editors and Proofreaders and will give them the ability to preview the issue before publication.