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Nota a Plato, Hippias minor 364b1-3

Silvia Venturelli


In Hp. mi. 364b1-3 καλόν should be taken with ἀνάθημα and not as the direct object of λέγεις. An idiomatic expression like καλόν γε λέγεις meaning «fine thing you say, fine reply», as the majority of translators renders it, apparently does not exist, the usual form being καλῶς (γε) λέγεις. On the contrary, the ironical use of καλός followed by γε and by the substantive to which καλός refers is well attested in Greek and frequent in Plato’s dialogues, especially at the beginning of a reply, as in this passage of the Hippias minor. A similar problem arises in two other passages too: Hp. mai. 282e9-283a1, which is very close to Hp. mi. 364b1-3 and where καλόν goes with τεκμήριον, and Euthyd. 294a4-5, where the main verb λέγεις governs the whole sentence ὡς θαυμαστὸν … πεφάνθαι and not ὡς θαυμαστόν alone.


Plato; Hippias minor; Hippias major; Euthydemus; Hyperbaton; Greek philology; Greek grammar; Socratic irony; Platone; Ippia minore; Ippia maggiore; Eutidemo; iperbato; filologia greca; grammatica greca; ironia socratica

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/erga-2017-001-vent

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