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Tibrone, un armosta poco intraprendente? Note su uno spartano in Asia

Paolo A. Tuci


This paper focuses on the Spartan harmost Thibron, who led two expeditions to Asia in the first decade of the 4th century. It aims both to reconstruct the historical events, which are set in a context in which Sparta’s political action is characterised by both panhellenic and imperialistic traits, and the different representations of the harmost provided by the sources, in particular Xenophon and Diodorus.


armosta; Asia Minore; Dercilida; Diodoro Siculo; Senofonte; Sparta; Tibrone; Tissaferne. – Asia Minor; Dercylidas; Diodorus Siculus; Harmost; Sparta; Thibron; Tissaphernes; Xenophon.

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