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Sustainable places in urban settings: abandonments and returning at the time of Agenda 2030

Alice Giulia Dal Borgo, Maristella Bergaglio


If we consider the theme of abandoned places on the one hand and their rebirth on the other one soon realizes how this issue must necessarily be traced back to the great question of sustainability, which goes beyond the borders of States, uniting all the peoples of the Earth in the difficult path that should lead them to the achievement of shared goals. It is no coincidence that Agenda 2030 set sustainable settlements as one of its seventeen strategic sustainability objectives. With the aim of providing useful food for thought for the debate on the principles and values to be applied in the planning and construction of sustainable settlements, the contribution will then focus on the theme of abandoned sites and the processes of return and re-signification that are manifesting in recent times, with particular reference to the urban context.


Sustainability; abandonment; reuse; urban; Agenda 2030

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/gn-2018-002-dal2


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Geography Notebooks / Quaderni di Geografia / Cahiers de Géographie / Cuadernos de Geografía
Registered by Tribunale di Milano (06.12.2017 - n. 342) 
Online ISSN 2611-7207 - Print ISSN 2611-7193

Editor in Chief: Dino Gavinelli
Editorial Board: Maristella Bergaglio - Valerio Bini - Alice Giulia Dal Borgo - Giuseppe Gambazza - Flavio Lucchesi - Eleonora Mastropietro - Maria Paradiso - Giacomo Zanolin
Scientific Editorial Board: Matteo Bolocan Goldstein - Stefano de Rubertis - Elena Dell’Agnese - Philippe Duhamel - Agustin Gamir Orueta - Fiona Haslam McKenzie - Antoine Leblanc - Guy Mercier - Valerià Paül Carril - Ana Pejdo - Jorge Virchez