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Focus on LSP Teaching: Developments and Issues

LCM - La Collana / The Series - ISSN 2283-5628


Edited by
Giuliana Garzone, Dermot Heaney, Giorgia Riboni

ISBN 978-88-7916-791-8 - pp. 262 - 2016

€ 36,00  (-15%)  Acquisto il volume  € 30,60


This volume draws together contributions from well-established and up-and-coming scholars and teachers researching LSP teaching at primary, secondary, and university level. The individual chapters address this theme from various methodological perspectives, ranging from genre-based approaches and corpus-assisted proposals to ELF and CLIL. Through descriptions of experiences, illustrations of problems, and outlines of possible solutions that offer a fresh critical examination of the field, backed up with recent empirical evidence, the contributors add to the ongoing debate on how best to realise learner centredness in the various didactic scenarios covered in the book. The picture of LSP teaching that emerges from this volume as a whole is a complex, evolving, and fluid one. It is a picture marked by the tension between consolidated practices, constructive criticism and fresh perspectives, and the need to strike the right balance between them to further enhance LSP instruction at all levels of education. As a whole, these chapters convey the state of play in LSP instruction and the key current issues and challenges within this dynamic sphere, be it to meet the shorter term needs of teaching or to channel the longer term efforts of research.

Giuliana Garzone is Full Professor of English, Linguistics and Translation at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Her research interests are mainly in LSP and in translation and interpreting studies, areas in which she has published widely and coordinated numerous projects.
Dermot Heaney is a Tenured Researcher in English Linguistics and Translation at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. His recent publications focus on metaphor in LSP and media interactions in the field of sport.
Giorgia Riboni is a Post-doc Researcher in English Linguistics and Translation at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Her main research interests lie in Internet genres and web-mediated communication platforms such as blogs and microblogs.

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Approaches to Teaching LSP: An Introduction
Giuliana Garzone - Dermot Heaney - Giorgia Riboni

LSP at Higher Education Level

Genre-knowledge Transfer in English for Medical Purposes: A Genre Activity-based Research Study
Anna Franca Plastina

Genre and Discourse-based Approaches to ESP Teaching in Italian Lingua Inglese Courses: A Survey and Discussion
Glenn Michael Alessi

Translating and Learning the Language of Tourism as LSP: Corpus-based Approaches
Stefania Gandin

Turning Asynchronous, Individual Learning into a Constructive Online Community of Practice: A Case Study of the “L5” Psychology ESP Moodle University Course
Roxanne Doerr

Traditional and Technological Approaches to Learning LSP in Italian to English Consecutive Interpreter Training
Cynthia Jane Kellett Bidoli

ESP and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF)

Enriching the University ELT Curriculum with Insights from ELF
Franca Poppi

Pragmatic and Rhetorical Strategies in ELF Courses of Business Negotiation: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Elisa Turra

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

TerminoCLIL: A Terminology-based Approach to CLIL
Manuel Silva - Alexandra Albuquerque

CLIL Teaching at Primary School Level and the Academia/Practice Interface: Some Preliminary Considerations
Paola Catenaccio - Cinzia Giglioni

The BEI-IBI Project: A Study on the Best Practices in Integrating Language and Content Learning in Primary Schools
Silvia Cavalieri - Anna Stermieri

CLIL Physics in Italian Secondary Schools: Teaching Materials and Methodological Issues
Annarita Tavani