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A proposito di alcuni scrittori dell’Alto Adige e non: Joseph Zoderer, Sabine Gruber, Francesca Melandri

Luca Renzi


These three writers, in many ways emblematic of South Tyrolean literature, present, albeit with differences, a unifying element: an identity crisis, an uncertain collocation between two different linguistic cultural communities. This background is expressed in different ways in the three works, which also offer, as a second central theme, a process of intimate emancipation in their individual destinies of one, or rather more, female figures. The interweaving of individual destinies and politics of either the recent history of South Tyrol or that of the tumultuous past of wars makes the respective ‘stories’ emblematic of this difficult region. The many facets offered present various elements of analysis, but in their novelty these works are born from a tradition of continuous dialogue with its ‘contiguous’ literatures, primarily with the Central European and the Italian tradition, which is precisely the third characterizing element of border cultures.


Linguistica; Glottodidattica; linguistica diacronica; linguistica sincronica; studi linguistici; Linguistics; language studies; language learning; Anglistics; Anglistic philology; Spanish philology; French philology; Anglistica; Iberistica; Francesistica

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/ling-2018-002-renz

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