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Atene e l’‘epimachia’ con Corcira (433 a.C.)

Giovanni Parmeggiani


This paper offers a new analysis of sources as well as a new reconstruction of the events of Greek History in July and August 433 B.C. The author especially focuses (1) on the historical motives behind the change of view which led the Athenian Assembly to side not with the Corinthians, but with the Corcyraeans (here also stressing the role played by Pericles’ arguments and rhetorical ability); (2) on the Corcyraeans’ expectations of a symmachy and their negotiations with the Athenians, soon after the Assembly’s decision for the epimachy; (3) on the true strategy of Athens. It appears that the Athenians had planned to send more than ten ships to Corcyra from the very beginning. Furthermore, it was not by chance that the official instructions were «neglected» by Athenians at the Sybota: while claiming to strictly adhere to the epimachy, the Athenians practically acted as symmachoi. Athens was responsible for aggressive politics and, as a matter of fact, the fight at the Sybota put the spondai between Athenians and Corinthians officially to an end.


Aristodemus; Athens; Corcyra; Corinth; Diodorus; epimachy; Pericles; Plutarch; Sybota; Thucydides; Aristodemo; Atene; Corcira; Corinto; Diodoro; epimachia; Pericle; Plutarco; Sibota; Tucidide

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/erga-2016-001-parm

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