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Ethical Interventions in the Wild. An Annotated Bibliography

Daniel Dorado


The question of the disvalue suffered by animals in nature, that is, the problem of suffering and other harms suffered by animals in nature, has taken on a new relevance at present, becoming a matter of great practical importance, to be addressed in applied ethics. Taking this disvalue into account, several authors have examined its moral implications. This paper reviews the main literature that has dealt with those issues over the last years. It presents an annotated bibliography of principal works on this question. The existence of subsequent inclusion of essays in a collective work is indicated in the notes.

Full Text:



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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7358/rela-2015-002-dora

Copyright (©) 2018 Daniel Dorado – Editorial format and Graphical layout: copyright (©) LED Edizioni Universitarie

Relations. Beyond Anthropocentrism
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