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About the Site

All the journals of Led on Line are indexed in SHERPA/RoMEO
Led on Line
offers full text open access books and peer reviewed journals.
Led on Line constitutes a flexible and reliable publication service for academic texts worthy of scholarly attention, ensuring promptness and optimal visibility. It is an attractive option for online publication of collective books and monographs, journals and periodicals, conference proceedings and PhD theses.
Consistent with Open Access policies:
- Full texts published by Led on Line can be accessed in their entirety free of charge in PDF format
- Journals and periodical issues are published under Creative Commons licenses.
- Led on Line allows authors to self-archive published PDF files within officially recognised institutional repositories, established and operated by the authors’ respective governments and universities.

Led on Line constitutes the section of the publisher's archive that can be accessed online. There is no difference between the promotion and distribution of works published online from other works in the LED Catalogue. Online access is intended as an additional resource which in no way substitutes paper publication.

Led on Line is in ongoing evolution and strives to develop effective information technology tools to guarantee compliance with review and content evaluation policies, ensure the presence of elements necessary for indexing in main online archives, and exploit digital support systems to provide greater opportunities for reading and in depth study than traditional paper publications.
That is why the website is now powered by OJS (Open Journal Systems).

OJS is a software tool used worldwide. It allows journals to optimize the management of the peer review process (blind submission and peer-review are managed in a rigorous and documented way through the site itself) and to organize the published works  so that they may be better cited and indexed.

Led on Line is launching all new journals directly on the OJS platform.
All other journals published by LED have also been transferred on the same platform providing that they met the necessary requirements (on-time publication, peer-review, international editorial board, English or multilingual publishing) and were interested in using it.

The OJS system requires an active role of all parties involved in the process of "submission", "peer-review" and publication (Authors, Reviewers, Editorial Team, Publisher).
In addition to the maximum customization of the web pages (which nevertheless must be compatible with the standards set by procedures), Led on Line provides the journal's editors with instructions and tutoring aimed to help using the OJS system in the most efficient and correct way, a testing environment (an identical copy of the original one) where to take tests and simulations in order to get the necessary practice in the various procedures, help to authors and new users who might encounter any initial difficulty.

Led on Line works with www.portico.org to ensure secure and permanent preservation of its journals.

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